Enduring Hydro is now Cube Hydro Partners!

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Kristina M. Johnson, Enduring Hydro (“EH”) performed consulting and construction activities in the clean energy industry with a focus on hydropower. The firm focused on assisting hydroelectric power plant owners to use newly authorized energy tax incentives and grants, such as the Department of Treasury’s Section 1603 Program, in lieu of tax credits. EH consulted for various parties including Duke Energy, Alcoa, Rochester Gas & Electric, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company, returning over $150 million in tax-free cash to clients.

In July 2012, EH acquired the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license for the development of the 6-MW Mahoning Creek Hydroelectric Company Project (MCHC). EH began construction in February 2013 and commissioned the project on December 26, 2013.

To enable further acquisitions and growth, EH formed Cube Hydro Partners, LLC (“Cube Hydro”) with I Squared Capital, LLC (“ISQ”), a global infrastructure private equity fund on January 17, 2014. Cube Hydro is now an ISQ portfolio company which combines the hydro expertise of the former EH team with the financial expertise of ISQ. Cube Hydro currently owns and operates 13 hydropower facilities primarily in two platforms: Mid-Atlantic and New York regions.

For more information on Cube Hydro Partners, LLC, please visit our website at: www.cubehydropartners.com.